Selasa, September 02, 2008

Request CD Linux Ubuntu

by : Nilam Ramadhani

A few month ago (june 2008), I try to request a Linux Ubuntu CD’s from internet. After wait about a mounth, thank’s God, finally the CD’s has arrived. The package countain 3 CD’s Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (Ubuntu Server,32 bit, and 64 bit). It’s free! You just pay delivery charge to the postman at your place (it’s about 7000 rupiah). So guy’ can try either, you just open the site :

and make account,of course you must have an email address. With the spirit of Ubuntu : “Linux for human being”, we must make it happen, even at my home at Pamekasan Madura. OK good luck for you guys, and have a nice try. All you need is just go to the site, make account, and be patient .

Note: if a Xubuntu distro, there is no service like this. But you can download the file (sorry I forgot the address), but don’t worry, you can ask Mbah Google!

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